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i-presentations our hand is a character and it really draws

With Whiteboard presentations, the brain has to work extra hard… We make things simple to keep the brain happy!

We use simple illustrations, an interesting and engaging voice-over, text kept to a minimum and to round it all off, our videos are kept nice and short!

Speed Draw whiteboard video presentations help put your key messages across

with maximum impact…

Use them for…

“Analogue presentations in a digital world”

The fascination with our SpeedDraw whiteboard explainer videos is that a real person is always drawing or introducing everything you see on screen… and it takes skill. This approach generates audience trust… there is a human connection, someone is really working away producing the illustrations by hand to help visually explain things… and it’s fascinating to watch because we time lapse the illustrations being drawn to match the voice-over perfectly!

Since we started producing SpeedDraw presentations in 2011, innovation and creativity has been our strength. These things don’t happen by accident… we don’t just churn our presentations out, every detail is meticulously planned.

“We are always developing new ways to enhance our SpeedDraw presentations”

With the addition of the new techniques we have developed… SpeedDraw Action Photos, SpeedDraw Photos, SpeedDraw Logos, SpeedDraw Graffiti and SpeedDraw Talkies, we can seamlessly enhance our whiteboard presentations with:

…How cool is that!

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Want presentation videos that are fresh, different and engaging?

How about something really different, like this…

i-presentations videos are like homemade jam

“Our videos are like homemade jam”

…they have a unique, fresh, hand-crafted flavour that mass produced videos lack

An introduction to our SpeedDraw whiteboard presentations

Our hand is a character, it can be impatient, it can have ideas…

and it really draws!

Our whiteboard cartoon illustrations are deliberately kept simple so that they are easy to understand in a very short space of time… avoiding audience brain overload! With colour, text and detail kept to a minimum, they are far easier to interpret quickly. Combine this with a carefully structured script to guide the audience and the result is a short quirky video that is powerful, memorable and gets watched through to the end!

The cartoons and illustrations we create are not too perfect either. Ours look hand drawn because they are hand drawn whilst being videoed and that’s part of their analogue charm… we don’t want them to look like corporate clip art, which is soul-less and a big turn off for audiences.

We use a finely tuned script, relevant illustrations, a touch of subtle humour just where it is needed and a voice-over perfectly timed and matched to the illustrations. This approach means we can also produce videos on serious topics too because we don’t need to rely on crazy voices, silly sound effects or childish animations.

And to add to the impact of the video, we can also provide unique music compositions which match the style of the video perfectly

This attention to detail results in a video and narrative which is easy for the audience to follow and digest… and that’s exactly what our customers and their audiences want. We can create videos in most languages and have already created multi lingual videos in English, French, German, Italian, and Japanese!

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Our approach

After making initial contact with us and discussing your requirements…

Step 1

You will be asked to send us your initial script

After reading through your script, we make contact and go through the script with you to help tweak it and optimise it for the SpeedDraw process.

Step 2

We produce the initial Storyboard with optimised script and ideas for visuals

We then run through the storyboard with you to refine it further if necessary…

Step 3

Illustrations are added to the Storyboard

We share with you our illustrations and make any final adjustments to the storyboard…

Step 4

We ask you to sign off the script and illustrations

We are now ready for the final step…

Step 5

We record the voice-over, video the illustrations being drawn and then edit the video

And that’s it!

Your video is created in your preferred video format for YouTube etc ready to share with your audience.

All communications are made through email, telephone, Skype and screen sharing… giving you total control without the need for lengthy meetings or having to travel.

To start the ball rolling for your SpeedDraw video presentation click here to get in touch… we look forward to hearing from you.

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The Process…

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