Stop-Motion+ Animated Videos

Launched in 2018 Our Stop Motion+ animated videos offer high production values, rich textures, full colour and are an interesting, versatile and cost effective alternative to traditional stop-motion, CGI or 2D animated explainer videos.
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Stop Motion+ Animations

Our Stop-Motion+ animated videos feature elements of traditional stop-motion mixed with other forms of animation to visualise virtually any message or topic.

If you are looking for an animated explainer video that is really unusual, look no further…

Stop Motion+ Animations
What makes our Stop Motion+ videos different

What makes our Stop Motion+ videos different?

Our Stop Motion+ videos use a streamlined stop motion video process together with the addition of hand gestures, written text, annotations, paper splats and other fascinating techniques. This means we can visually emphasise or clarify key points in the voice-over in unusual ways, to maintain interest and improve retention.

Combine all this with a carefully structured script to guide the audience plus a little subtle humour here and there to maintain interest and the result is a short, unusual video that is powerful, memorable and gets watched through to the end.

What is Stop Motion animation?

(Just in case you were wondering!)

Stop motion animation is achieved by moving objects in small increments, photographing them each time they move and then playing the images back in quick succession to give the illusion of movement… Wallace and Gromit is probably the most famous modern example.

Stop Motion+ gallery montage

Stop Motion+ Animation Showcase

View more Stop-Motion+ examples in our video gallery to get an idea of how they can look and feel.

Maximise your investment… Our Stop Motion+ animation videos can be used and reused in many different ways…

animated videos for websites


Put your explainer on your website to save your clients having to wade through pages and pages of text

Elearning and training animated video production

Training and eLearning

Make it memorable and different with an unusual video for maximum retention

Social media animation videos

Social Media

Help explain your product or service to a much wider audience looking for answers

Animated videos for LinkedIn marketing


An opportunity to reach decision makers through the network

Animated video production for exhibitions and shows

Exhibitions & Shows

Loop key sections of video to play on a display screen and help sales explain complex concepts in no time

Presentations animation videos


Add the video to your presentation as an introduction or summary at end… the audience will thank you!

animations for mobile devices

Mobile Devices

Equip your sales teams with your video on their phones or tablets to use in one-to-one sales meetings

Email and Video conferencing video animations

Email, Zoom, Teams...

Send an email with a link to your video during a phone or video call so it can be viewed and shared afterwards.

What's it like working with i-presentations?

We'll let some of our long term clients explain...

Over the years I have collaborated with Julian and i-Presentations to create three product videos at my former company, and everyone raved about the result. After joining a new music-technology company, I immediately reached out to Julian at i-Presentations to develop an explainer video on our JackTrip music collaboration tool. Julian has a knack for creating videos that capture complex concepts and convey them in a concise and engaging manner. Julian works closely with the team to understand the key messages and help refine the video script so that in the end, the product's benefits are brought to life in a whimsical manner.

Lee Ellison, Chief Technology Officer

JackTrip Labs

How do you make a video about a pellet testing machine interesting and compress a long presentation into 3 minutes without leaving anything important out? Since 2008 we've trusted Julian from i-presentations with some of our most complex product explanations... and he always delivers, because he takes the time to understand our products and concepts thoroughly. The resulting videos are like nothing else out there, they are certainly never dull or corporate! We've used the videos on our trade stands at exhibitions, on social media, during training courses and business presentations. I would highly recommend i-presentations!

Tyrone Moy, Sales Manager

Tekpro Limited

When we want an unusual video to highlight the uniqueness and awesomeness of our Big Wipes hand and surface wipes for professional tradespeople, we always know that we’ll get something that’ll blow our socks off from Julian at i-presentations. Julian works closely with us to get it just right, as a result the videos are - on brand, entertaining and easy to understand. And because we can use them time and again, cost effective too... nice! Like Big Wipes, i-presentations wipes the floor with the competition!

Nigel Dibbo, Global Brand Creator & European Managing Director

Big Wipes

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